Friday, September 12, 2008

Starting a new life

After 5 years of some much BS in my life i deside to start over and move on from eveything i once new, was good and fine. About 2 months ago after chatting with family that i should just tell my ex to leave and not come back. Know what that what i did, told her im done im sick of waing up every day of my life wanting to not be here not be on this earth. After so long i was just done will all of it. Now like i said its been 2 months and things still are hard for me moving on was pretty easy for the most part. Hooked up with woman that ive loved and thought about almost everyday for the past 5 year. For now i sit here and right for a out let for my life to see if any one out there can help me out with some ideas maybe. dont know yet well peace out for now